• What are the key advantages of Inventronics' LED drivers?

Inventronics offers a variety of LED drivers around the world. Products can provide up to 95% efficiency, up to 0.99 power factor, ultra high surge protection and IP67 waterproof which would be a comprehensive help for your LEDs. In addition, products comply with global safety standards with the effort from our own safety lab. Overall protection including over-load, short-circuit and over-temperature protections are featured as well. Products are widely used for LED street lights, tunnel lights, bay lights etc.


  • What’s the difference between Constant Current and Constant Voltage drivers?
  • What are Constant Power LED drivers?
  • How to select a suitable driver from the first point?
  • What is the part number scheme of Inventronics’ LED drivers?
  • What is PFC?
  • What is MTBF? And what is the difference with Lifetime?
  • What is dimming via 0-10V/PWM/Timer?
  • What does dim-to-off function mean?
  • How to change the output current of driver?
  • If I want a 1000W driver, can I parallel/series two 600W drivers together?
  • How to choose a suitable circuit breaker?
  • What is that external screw at the end-cap used for?
  • Datasheet indicates input voltage is 90-305Vac, but why only says 100-240Vac, 277Vac on the label?
  • If the driver has CE certificate, does it mean the whole system with driver would comply with EMC requires?
  • What’s the different between Class I and Class II?
  • What does Class 2 means?
  • What is SELV?
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