• Inventronics Launches Wireless Control Module for European EnOcean Networks
  • Date:2017-02-09

News Release


February 9th, 2017


Inventronics Wireless Control Module for European EnOcean Networks,Powered Directly by an Inventronics LED Driver


Hangzhou, China – February 9th, 2017 – Inventronics is expanding their line of 0-10V wireless dimming controllers that are compatible with EnOcean-based wireless lighting control devices to include a model designed for European use.

The CTL-ENOC-EU controller includes an 868 MHz RF transceiver module from EnOcean, the worldwide leader in energy harvesting wireless technology, approved for operation in Europe. This controller is an expansion of the CTL-ENOC-NA that's approved for operation in North America. Both controllers can turn off or dim through the 0-10V dimming interface of Inventronics drivers, per a flexible, programmed response to signals received from EnOcean-based sensors and control devices. The CTL-ENOC-EU is compatible with EnOcean-based rocker switches, light level sensors and occupancy sensors.

The CTL-ENOC-EU controller is powered directly from the 12Vdc Always-On auxiliary output of an Inventronics LED driver, creating a simple, reliable wireless control node for one or more luminaires. Drawing a maximum of just 40mA of 12Vdc power, this ultra-low power technology minimizes the amount of energy used in standby mode for even greater energy savings. Despite its low power, the CTL-ENOC-EU can be configured as a network repeater to increase network range without losing control functionality.

The CTL-ENOC-EU provides maximum flexibility in lighting design and it allows facility changes and expansions to be accomplished effortlessly and without incurring high installation costs. It was created specifically for energy-saving indoor applications including offices, retail spaces, hospitals, historic buildings, homes, classrooms, and hotels, as well as high bay lighting in industrial settings.

Production quantities of the CTL-ENOC-EU and CTL-ENOC-NA are available now. For more information, including a full datasheet, please visit our Inventronics website at: www.inventronics-co.com or contact our sales department at sales@inventronics-co.com.


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