• Inventronics Releases DMX RDM Compatible Network Interface Module to Provide Greater Design Flexibility
  • Date:2017-06-28
  effective and reliable combination.
The CNV-DMXR can be powered directly from the Inventronics 12Vdc Always-On auxiliary output of any Inventronics Controls-Ready driver saving on costly power pack expenses, while the Dim-to-Off capability eliminates any need of an AC switch or relay. With low standby power technology, it minimizes the amount of energy used in standby mode for even greater energy savings. The CNV-DMXR is intended for theatrical, stadium, architectural and arena lighting where DMX controls are required.
The CNV-DMXR provides maximum flexibility in lighting design since it is fully compatible with both DMX RDM and the traditional DMX networks. By complying with DMX RDM it allows devices to be remotely addressed using a companion console and allows for bi-directional communication between devices. This creates the opportunity for decreased labor cost, ease of use and ease of configurability as each fixture does not have to be physically addressed.
Production quantities of the CNV-DMXR are available now. For more information, including a full datasheet, please visit our Inventronics website at: www.inventronics-co.com or contact our sales department at sales@inventronics-co.com.
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